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Scary DR Stories: Stories to Scare the I.T. Out of You

Tuesday, October 26 - 11:00am ET/ 4:00pm BST

Hosted by: Zerto Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Andy Fernandez

Did you hear that noise? It sounded like it came from under the server… IT professionals are no strangers to the things that go bump in the night, but believe it or not, there are some really scary things these folks encounter on the job. Ever hear the story of the snake behind the rack? Or how about the one where the backup guy was uncontactable - during an outage - and it was discovered he used a secret graffiti code to label all of the last 10 years of backup tapes? Say goodbye to a restful night’s sleep because the real-life disaster recovery stories, submitted by our extended community of I.T. pros, will leave your spine chilled and your hair standing on-end. Join Andy Fernandez, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, and the three contest finalists, live, as they recount their terrifying tales of real-life data disasters on this webinar, and see who will be crowned the Scary DR Stories 2021 winner. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, one thing is for certain – their DR stories are the stuff of nightmares!

Cyber Resilience For The Next Wave Of Ransomware: Kubernetes

Monday, October 25 – 2:00pm ET

Hosted by: Zerto Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Andy Fernandez

Hosted by: David Davis, Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

Kubernetes applications aren’t immune from ransomware attacks. Specialized attacks and malware for K8s and their components are spreading rapidly. You’re responsible for your data, but legacy backup and DR isn’t equipped for this. Join This Session To Discuss:

  • How hackers are attacking Kubernetes and what happens when they’re successful.
  • How Continuous Data Protection can help immediately resume operations and make ransomware a non-event
  • Key design requirements for Kubernetes backup and DR
  • And more!